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Theory and hazard perception test ADI part 1

Working at home with the Lets Learn on line link for the ADI part 1 theory and hazard test, we also supply you with all training manuals to help progress through the course and we will arrange the test when your ready. For part 1 of your training you´ll receive five hours of 1 to 1 training with your driving instructor trainer.
We can monitor your progress on the on line link to make sure you are not struggling with any of the subjects

Call are training team for more informations they will be more than happy to help
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You have to pass both parts Theory and Hazard Perception

There is no limit on how many times you can take the test.

For more info can be found on www.gov.uk Take the theory test (ADI part 1)

This examination last for 90 minutes and is made up of 100 questions, split into four categories:

Road procedure. 25 Questions

Traffic signs and signals 5 Questions
Car control 5 Questions
Pedestrians 10 Questions
Mechanical Knowledge 5 Questions

Driving test 10 Questions
Disabilities 5 Questions
Law 10 Questions

Publications 10 Questions
Instructional techniques 15 Questions

The overall pass mark for the multiple choice part of the test is 85% - i.e. 85 out of 100 questions answered correctly. However you must reach a minimum mark of 80% - 20 correct questions out of 25 - in each of the four categories.

THE HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST:- Follows on immediately after you have completed the Theory Test.

The test consists of watching 14 video clips each lasting approx 1 minute, and you have to identify 15 hazards ( 13 video with 1 hazard and 1 video with 2 hazards).

Each "Hazard" has a maximum score of 5 points if you identify it early, decreasing to 0 points if you are too late.

With 15 "hazards" the maximum possible score is 75 points and the pass mark for this exam is 57 points. Each "Hazard" takes a few seconds to develop, the test is aimed to test your observations and anticipation.

Each video is filmed from a viewpoint of the driver, driving along the road. As you watch the video clips you will see "hazards" e.g. Cars coming out of a driveway, people on horseback, cyclist.

All the "hazard" is scored on are "Developing Hazards".

Example: - Seeing a child move across the pavement, behind a parked car and out into the road. This takes a few seconds to fully develop, and the earlier you click the computer mouse to show that you have seen a developing hazard the higher you score.

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